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Event Inventory Management Software 

Letting available inventory sit idle is a siphon on your potential revenue, and overcommitting inventory — so that you’re unable to deliver for customers as promised — costs you future business. By housing all of your data and processes in one system, Ungerboeck makes sure that handling requests, managing orders and processing payments happens without any errors or delays as a result of communication or visibility issues. Our event inventory management software is built with a purpose; specifically for caterers, event venues, and other event businesses.

By having orders seamlessly connected to every other part of your operational system, you ensure that last minute additions get captured and billed – with many Ungerboeck clients reporting double-digit revenue increases just from keeping incremental orders from slipping through the cracks. Ungerboeck provides a seamless inventory management software solution that can greatly improve how effective your staff is and how profitable your event business becomes.

event inventory management software



View and track event inventory requirements and availability

Track every key item and piece of inventory linked to your events. Instantly display the availability of that inventory to avoid overbooking and uncertainty, and allow your entire staff 100% visibility to any changes in status.


Generate usage and efficiency reports

Generate reports that show you the data behind everything you offer. Understand how event inventory levels change, and what that means to your bottom line.


Handle on-the-fly orders and alterations

Manage last minute alterations and additions without delay from anywhere, on any device. We all know how the event business works. It's agile, fast-moving, and can change in the blink of an eye. Our event inventory management software allows your business the dexterity to manage inventory quickly and without error on a desktop, tablet, laptop, or mobile phone.

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Success Stories

Boise Centre

Boise Centre chooses one, single airtight system for all event management needs

Bass Performance Hall

Ungerboeck for Venues Flex Edition gives a thriving entertainment venue the functionality they need now and for the future

Holthus Convention Center

A compressive event and venue management solution meets a new convention center's growing needs


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