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Venue reporting that can help you dig down deep

Today’s venue and events businesses require real discoveries, venue reporting, and insights that will actually impact key decisions – and that requires unobstructed access to the right data. There are two reasons why Ungerboeck Software can provide a level of venue reporting and business insight that others cannot. First, system fields and views are “personalizable,” or adjustable down to the individual user – a feature totally unique to Ungerboeck. This allows more data (in the language that your staff already knows) to be collected more often and more accurately. Secondly, thanks to the full integration of your operational details, you have a single source of complete and consolidated data to pull from.

No more hunting from spreadsheet to spreadsheet to find and connect critical data. Ungerboeck’s consolidated venue reporting structure makes it easy to find, package, and report real business intelligence for venue managers.

venue reporting



Access to standard venue reporting

Ad-hoc reporting, high-level overviews and more give you a framework of knowledge to build your business around your unique processes and practices


Closed loop venue reporting

Oversee the interaction of every department and discover new ways to streamline your process.


Custom layouts and views

See your reports exactly how you want to see them and manage who on your staff sees what information.


User-defined field

Create and define measurements and data fields for any aspect of your business.


Generate insights

Generate insights into your business that help you identify how to be more profitable.


Identify opportunities for improving ROI

Make the most out of your existing data with tools to help you better understand profitability by event type and when you’re most likely to upsell.

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Success Stories

Boise Centre

Boise Centre chooses one, single airtight system for all event management needs

Bass Performance Hall

Ungerboeck for Venues Flex Edition gives a thriving entertainment venue the functionality they need now and for the future

Holthus Convention Center

A compressive event and venue management solution meets a new convention center's growing needs


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